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Ice Cream – The Old Fashioned Way!

Even if you are new to following Simply b, you have probably seen a picture (or several dozen) or Miss B. She’s three years old, full of spunk and the model for my {52 Dresses} project. But what you may not know is that I have three older sons too! Jacob, Josh, and Sam-a-lam. For this reason and that, they don’t find themselves in as many images as Miss B. Mostly because life is just busy with 4 children and all that comes with it. Homeschooling, swim team, piano lessons and Boy Scouts have filled our schedule this fall. My oldest is 16 and graduated from high school in April. He’s attending college classes now and also mentors younger students. My middle son just turned 12 and is attending Williamsburg Intermediate (an online middle school program) and LOVES it! But with all of that, it’s difficult to fit time for dinner together at the table, let alone a photo session!

Doing a photography session with your own children is not the easiest thing in the world, but I’ve made a goal to do it at least annually. Last year’s session was a tea party in the woods and so much fun, but a lot of work too.

This year I wanted to incorporate ice cream, which my family loves. And I mean L O V E S! My sister Tammy (of Tammy Smith Photography) and I decided to collaborate on the project even though we are on opposite sides of the country – she’s in Alaska and I’m in Florida. By collaborating, we’d each do our spin on an ice cream/end of summer session and would set a due date that it must be finished by (which is the key to getting it done). This is something we plan on continuing to do monthly throughout the next year! Several other photographers will be joining us next month! Can’t wait!

I gathered the needed supplies for our session. The basics for making ice cream – cream, sugar, eggs, and vanilla and I found the cutest vintage ice cream maker on Craigslist! A friend from church owns a beautiful home which was the perfect backdrop for the session. She was so great to let us set up on her back porch!

The kids had a great time and the ice cream was delish – but melted too quickly in the Flordia heat. They were happy to drink some cold root beer too! And while I was taking the pictures, I was doing a little happy dance in my head that after 18+ years in Alaska, Labor Day did NOT mean that leaves are changing and snow is around the corner. It’s a whole different set of rules down here! YAY!

Make sure to check out Tammy’s spin on her session! It’s DARLING!!
(And REALLY makes me miss the Alaska State Fair!)

And here is a link to Tara Winsor’s (of Winsor Photography) Shave Ice Session!
I love all the bright colors!

September 5, 2012 - 9:55 am

Summer is Melting Away | Alaska Children’s Photographer » Tammy Smith Photography - […] I hope you enjoy the Summers End.  And don’t miss out on Amy’s session by visiting her BLOG. […]

September 5, 2012 - 5:45 pm

Danielle - I love love love the pics of the boys!!!! What great brother pictures. They have changed so MUCH and then again, not so much since I met you all back in Kodiak. Amazing. I am missing you so much.
Your photography has come SO far. I love it. Beautiful.
love you

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