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We moved into our new home in Florida 12 days ago. We’ve been in a temporary state since we started packing our house in Kodiak, Alaska last April in preparation for our cross-country move. That’s a long time to feel temporary. I cannot describe the relief I feel in settling into our new home. There are boxes that still need to be unpacked and walls that need to be painted, but it feels like home already.

Two days ago we set up Miss B’s room, which now includes a big girl bed. She’s three and a half years old; we figured it was time. Until now she’s slept either in a crib (not very often) or our bed (much more regularly). We picked out a fluffy comforter and frilly sheets and made a big deal over her new bed. The room needs paint and pictures, but already it’s her room. During construction we would walk through the house and always point out her room and eventually she would go there first and look out the window at the pasture and the cows in our back yard. We’ve taken our time getting her room ready since moving into the house. Going slowly. Putting the bed up, unpacking the clothes, buying the bedding. Eventually it was time to make the transition. From our bed to hers.

I wasn’t sure how it would go when night fell and it was actually time for her to sleep in her new room, in her big bed. She was nervous. And she cried. I laid down next to her and sang her lullabies and stayed until she fell asleep. And she slept there, in her room, across the hall from ours until 5:30am, when she woke up crying and came and got into bed with us.

There are milestones in life that you never forget. This is one of them. My baby girl is growing up. She even potty trained a couple months ago. We did an mini photo session in her room to commemorate the day. She jumped on her bed and we giggled and laughed and talked about how wonderful it was.

My heart is happy as I watch my family adjust and settle and find joy in our new home. There was a time we weren’t so sure about this move. But now I remember to say thank you in my prayers every evening because my Heavenly Father knows our needs better than we do.

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October 11, 2012 - 8:42 am

Tammy Smith - These are adorable and the light is amazing! Looking forward to having a session in your beautiful home during your workshop!

October 11, 2012 - 9:10 am

Alex Macgregor - There is just nothing sweeter than that little girl and the love that surrounds her!

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