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The Arena | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*Miss B with her friend Sam. We lived with Sam’s family for a week in Houston. *Sam-a-lam and his friend Tessa.View full post »

A Day With Amy: Photoshop Recordings

Are you ready for this?! I’ve spent that last couple months recording almost FIVE HOURS of Photoshop tutorials! IView full post »

Brandi Anderson Photography | A Day With Amy Alumni

I’ve been teaching A Day With Amy Photography Workshops for three years and I just love it! During that time I&#View full post »

{52 Dresses} Dresses 41, 42, and 43

The skinny on {52 Dresses}: Make sure to check out {52 Dresses} Year One and the current {52 Dresses}! I’m workingView full post »

Christmas Adam | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Its the morning before Christmas Eve. My kids call it “Christmas Adam”. We’re tucked away with friendsView full post »

8 Month Anniversary – Gastric Bypass | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*iPhone pic from my 6 month mark Yesterday was 8 months since I had gastric bypass surgery. I wrote about the decisionView full post »

Tender Mercies | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*Great Grandpa’s house in Yuma. I recently read an article that referred to all the small miracles the Lord worksView full post »

Good Morning | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*Family picture thanks to Blue Lily! Good morning! We’re waking up in Arizona this morning. It’s our 13thView full post »

The Battle That Rages | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*Miss B smothering Frodo (my sister’s dog) with love. We’re back on the bus. I’ve been apprehensive the lastView full post »

It’s Time | The Big Blue Bus Tour

It’s midnight and I really should be sleeping. Miss B is snoring softly as she lays snuggled in a cocoon made fromView full post »

High End Point and Shoot Review

Jake again. I want to start this post by saying that I really am not delving into the lower end point and shoots for aView full post »

Jake’s Camera Recommendations

Hello everyone! This post is from Jake, and I am excited to be writing. I have decided to write a few posts to help inView full post »

Catching Up | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Our last couple weeks are blurry in my memory. I better write what I remember or it will be lost. Last week we camped inView full post »

Our Life in Numbers | The Big Blue Bus Tour

This morning my mind is full of numbers. It’s been 4 months since we sold our house in Florida and started thisView full post »


I don’t think I shared these images from our visit in Alaska. Miss B loves her cousins so much. I just wish weView full post »

Lindsay Cournia | A Day With Amy Alumni

I’m so excited to introduce a new series that I’m calling A Day With Amy Alumni. I’ve been teaching AView full post »

You made it to 70… now what? | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I called my dad yesterday to wish him a happy birthday! He laughed when I asked him, “You made it to 70! Now whatView full post »

In this moment. | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Jake and I took a cruise for our honeymoon 19 years ago. Not on a big cruise ship, rather a small cruise ship throughView full post »

Living on a bus… still | The Big Blue Bus Tour

We’re still living on the bus. In case you were wondering. It’s been a learning experience and we’veView full post »

Brothers at Cannon Beach | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I photographed Ben (the oldest brother) a couple years ago when he was just a little guy. It was so great to meet upView full post »

Nolan | The Big Blue Bus Tour

This session was a true treat for me! I got to spend an entire session focused on photographing Nolan at this awesomeView full post »

Sunset at Oregon Vineyard | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Oh – how much did I love this session?! It was so great! Jen found this beautiful location near a vineyard inView full post »

Sunset in Washington | The Big Blue Bus Tour

One thing I’m amazed at so far with The Big Blue Bus Tour is how great the weather has been! I had to reschedule aView full post »

Snegirev Family | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I’ve known Lori for years! Since before either one of us was married! I love her like a sister. Her family sessionView full post »

Oliver Family | The Big Blue Bus Tour

This family is so special to me! Their story is so inspiring! I was honored when Anne asked me to photograph them andView full post »

Kodiak Sunrise Session | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Despite the gorgeous setting, we were all freezing at this session! We met early on the Kodiak coast – just as theView full post »

4 Generations | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I loved shooting this four generation session when we visited Kodiak, Alaska in September! What a treasure for thisView full post »

Randolph Family | The Big Blue Bus Tour

This is one true Alaskan family! The rain was threatening and then came not long after we started shooting, but thisView full post »

Koehler Family | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Family photo sessions like this bring a HUGE smile to my face! Even though Zach hurt his leg (and was having surgery theView full post »

Griffin Family | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I give Melissa and her friends Beth and Jade the credit for my trip to Kodiak in September. They contacted me and askedView full post »

Gallagher Family | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Jade and I have known each other since I started Simply b Photos four years ago! I’ve had the privilege ofView full post »

Ingram Family | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Maaret was the host of A Day With Amy: Basic in Anchorage, Alaska when we were there in September. I was so glad I gotView full post »

Davenport Family | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I photographed Chris (the oldest son) when he was just 6 months old. He was one of the first photo sessions I had when IView full post »

Florida Family Session

This family session was the last one I shot before we moved from Florida to start The Big Blue Bus Tour. It feels likeView full post »

Turning Two | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I had the pleasure of photographing this little beauty as a newborn, three month old, and six month old when we lived inView full post »

Puerto Rico | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I was honored that I got to take these photographs while our family was in Puerto Rico in August. Their laughter andView full post »