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I’m moving my journaling of The Big Blue Bus Tour over here to Simply b Photos. I hope you check back to see how we’re doing. You can even enter your email over there on the side, and when I update, it will send you a notice! (Inquiring minds and all that…)

The next step on our adventure is to get moved out of our house. The packing has begun in full force. We’re also sorting, organizing, and purging. I didn’t think there would be too much to purge, because I’m not a keeper of stuff. I’m not a keeper of stuff for several reasons. First, I like my home tidy and organized, and when clutter starts to creep in, I’m quick to get rid of it. Second (and I think the real reason) is that we move, and we move a lot. Jake and I have been married 19 years (this October) and this is our 26th move. Many of those moves are a result of being in the military. But some aren’t. We aren’t afraid to pack up and try something new.

With the exception of one time, we have always moved ourselves. With that many moves under his belt, Jake is now an expert. Consequently, we’ve developed quite a system for our moves. I’m the organizer. I decide what gets packed to go where. We have four categories: to trash, to sell, to donate, to go on the bus. Then Jake packs it. See? Good system.

Really, it’s pretty simple. We choose a room to pack. I’ll start sorting through items and placing them into the three piles (sell, donate, pack) while Jake sets up a prep station, which consists of a folding table with boxes, packing paper, tape gun, shrink wrap, and a Sharpie. He’ll start packing the stuff that needs to be packed. Most of the donate stuff goes into garbage bags, and we’ll take pictures of the stuff we’re selling. There’s always a big garbage bag on hand for the trash.

The last few days we’ve been in chaos as we’ve been cleaning out closets, drawers, and other places where stuff hides. I’m amazed at how much there is to sort through. Seriously, where did all this stuff come from? We’ve only been in this house ten months! We’ll get it all done (because we have to), but it’s a bigger chore than I anticipated.

Yesterday we were deciding what furniture we wanted to keep and what we would sell. We decided to sell much of the big bulky items. Though a favorite of mine, Miss B’s bedroom set was on that list. The unwanted items went on Craigslist along with Miss B’s bedroom set. ¬†All day yesterday there were people traipsing through our war-zone-esque home, carrying items out, but there were no calls on the bedroom set. We were talking about lowering the price, when I came up with a brilliant plan. Let’s take it in the bus with us!

Jake was silent while I rattled off all the reasons why taking it with us was the perfect solution to our problem. It would hold all of Miss B’s clothes, shoes, toys, and treasures in one place. It’s white. (I plan on having a white theme in the bus.)

Then it was my turn to look expectantly to him. I waited. I could see him churning it over in his mind, like he does. He was calculating size, weight, difficulty of loading, securing to keep from falling, and all the other practical things that he is responsible for.

Then he nodded. “That’s actually a pretty good idea.”

Yay! I did a jump for joy and then kissed him for good measure. Miss B’s stuff is now taken care of, and it’s perfectly adorable.

July 22, 2013 - 3:47 pm

Sarah - I can’t wait to read about your adventure!!!! I hope to see you when you stop in Kodiak!!!

July 22, 2013 - 3:48 pm

Sarah - I forgot to punch the email button…..

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