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I’ve been writing on our family blog for over 5 years, I started writing more than a year before Miss B was born. There are over 750 posts about our daily life and I’ve probably shared way too much information:). I’ve kept Simply b’s website separate, and used it solely for business. A few tidbits here and there about what we were up to, but for the most part it has been simply a place for me to share pictures of families I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. And of course the {52 Dresses} project. In light of our upcoming adventure, I’ve decided to streamline my blogging efforts to one place. So here we are. I’m fairly verbose, so that might take some getting used to. I hope you stop by occasionally and check in on us and see how we’re doing on our journey. If you want to be updated when I post, you can subscribe by putting your email address in the box over there on the right hand side of the blog.

Our house is no longer a home, rather its a shell filled with boxes. We’ve only lived here 10 months, but it has been my favorite home we’ve ever had. (You can see pics of it here.)

Just over a year ago in May 2012, we were trying to find a house to buy in the Clearwater, Florida area near where Jake would be working. The only problem was – we were in Alaska. I spent hours online looking at houses and trying to find the right fit between price and livability. A friend who had lived in Alaska, but was now stationed at Clearwater, contacted me to tell me about her new neighborhood. It was a bit far from the air station, but it’s an easy drive with not too much traffic.

Once we saw what we could get for the money, we were sold. We immediately put in a request to have a house built for us. I studied the floor plans and tried to imagine what the house would look like. We did all the paperwork from Alaska, sight unseen. It was a bold move, but one that I’m so thankful for. Though the house was built quickly, we ended up in a small apartment for three months. Every Sunday after church we would drive by the house to see the progression. It seemed to take forever, yet was less than 5 months from start (signing paperwork) to finish (getting the keys).

Our move in day last October was glorious! It didn’t take us long to unpack and settle in. Each knick knack and piece of furniture was thought out. I used only items I loved and which brought me joy. It was our first home that truly felt like a home from the beginning. (All of the other houses we bought were fixer uppers and moving in meant starting projects. BIG projects.)

We added our own personal touches here and there. New paint, ceiling fans, a fabulous office (SO going to miss that!), and gorgeous wood floors downstairs, but really the work was minimal compared to what we’ve been used to. Our home became our refuge from the world, our sanctuary. Exactly how it should be.

We spent a Christmas here – which is more than we can say for some places we’ve lived. After all, this is our 26th move in 19 years. Spending a Christmas at a house gives it credibility and history. The fact that we got to spend that Christmas with my parents is priceless.

When we moved in, we didn’t know what lie ahead for us. I’m glad about that. It allowed us to put down roots and forge friendships and enjoy the moments we had. So as we pack up and the home we love is becoming the house we are moving out of, I’m a bit melancholy. I wonder if Miss B will remember our year in Florida. I hope she carries memories of her favorite things like the waterslide at the pool, and going to church with all her friends.

This morning I’m taking a moment to feel, allowing the emotions to wash over me.

I’m allowing myself to be sad and grieve for what we are losing when we move. Because no matter how exciting our plan is, no matter how bright the future, we still have to say goodbye. We have to say goodbye to our home that protected and sheltered us and where many wonderful memories have been made. We have to say goodbye to Florida. I never thought we would love Florida. We moved here begrudgingly and it was a lesson in humility. The Lord knows our needs much more than we ever could. And more than that, we have to say goodbye to the most incredible friends. That, I believe, will be the hardest part.

So I’ll be grateful for modern technology that will allow us to continue friendships with amazing families that we’ve grown to love. I’m grateful the world is small and that we can say “so long” for now, until we meet again. Especially for my children and the friends they have made. We knew the first Sunday we attended church that we were exactly where we needed to be and not a week has gone by that we haven’t been reminded of that.

One thing you should know about us – is that we live with our whole hearts. Life is short, and uncertain. There’s no time to wait to dive in. So while we’ll have lived in Florida just 15 months when it comes time to drive away in our Big Blue Bus, we have lived with real intent. And that brings me peace.

July 24, 2013 - 9:58 am

Camille Duckworth - Amy, I love that when I often read your posts, it’s like my own feelings but put in a way I could never express. I’m struggling so much with emotions right now similar to yours, and I’m only moving 2 miles away! But I love my house, and a bigger move is in the near future and I think all those emotions of when we do are getting to me already. Living in new places is always the best. We meet new amazing people that we never want to leave. I’m so excited for your new adventure and will grieve with you a bit as you have to leave your loved home behind.

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