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a day off

I lost a day yesterday. I spent the entire 500 miles sleeping. Sore throat, earache, and throbbing head knocked me out for the count. I must have needed the sleep and thankfully this morning I’m feeling a lot better.

Our travel seems never ending. We’ve been on the road 4 1/2 days and have traveled almost 2500 miles. Our bus does 50 – 55 mph comfortably, so that’s what we do. We’re not anxious to wear out The Big Blue Bus anytime soon.

500 miles is a long day for us. It means driving from morning till night with short stops through the day. We make stops to potty, stops for fuel, stops for food, and stops to stretch our legs. We make stops to turn the generator (and thus the AC) on and stops to turn the generator off. That fills our day.

Inside the bus we have a little rhythm. We have home-study seminary (scripture study), we read books, we make meals, we clean (it’s ridiculous how quickly the bus can become a mess!), we talk, we sing, we nap. And Jake drives. And drives. And drives.

Miss B has been traveling remarkably well. Her trip has been broken up by visits with friends. Tuesday she played with her friend Reagan in Nashville, Wednesday she met her cousin Miles in Chicago, and Thursday she ran with her new best friend Kate at the apple orchard in Illinois. It’s been a gift to visit with friends along our drive. I hope we have the chance to meet you on our adventure!

Last night we made it to Minot, North Dakota. Rather than stay the night on the bus, we opted to use our benefits and stay on the Air Force base at a TLF (temporary lodging facility). Here they have a four-bedroom apartment available for families of our size. Sweet! We did 6 loads of laundry (we washed all the sheets and blankets) and everyone got showered. Plus we all got to sleep in our own bedroom.

It was such a treat this morning to sleep until we were done and to stay snuggled in bed that we’ve opted to stay here one more night before we head on. Tomorrow morning we’ll cross over to Canada. We want to stock up on groceries, finish cleaning and organizing the bus, and give Jake a rest from driving before we head off again. We have 2200 miles in Canada that we want to cover as quickly as possible. We won’t have cell or data coverage so it may be a bit quiet on our end.

Hope you are doing well!

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