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Writers block.

I’ve been struggling a bit with writing the last few weeks. There are half a dozen unfinished posts waiting for some moment of clarity which would allow me to gather my thoughts and put them to paper (so to speak). But each time I sit down to write, I’m overwhelmed by the range of my emotions.

I express myself best when I have sorted my feelings and they are packaged nicely. Words then flow easily and I’m able to communicate my sentiments. Unfortunately the last 26 days since we decided that we were going to live in a bus for 6 months have been a bit chaotic and nothing close to emotionally stable.

Within 72 hours of the decision to buy a bus we had procured said bus (1,000 miles away in Illinois) and Jake was driving it home. The next week we started to pack our house and within two weeks we moved out of our house.

Somewhere along the line we made the decision to save only those items that mean the most to us, the treasures which were irreplaceable. We sold (or donated) almost every piece of furniture. All of our our earthly belongs are now packed in boxes and can fit in a bus.

I started a blog post about the emotion of that kind of purge, and it remains unfinished. At the time, I hadn’t dealt with the emotions and couldn’t tie everything up with a nice little bow.

I’m beginning to realize that if I’m going to write about this process, I need to acknowledge that oftentimes it’s going to be messy. Especially in these beginning stages when we’re trying to figure it all out.

We leave Florida in 20 days. There’s still plenty to be done and I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all. Each day is filled with the work of The Big Blue Bus Tour. Whether I’m working to finalize the free photography workshops I’ll be teaching, or planning our route to Alaska and where we’ll be staying along the way, or designing (and redesigning) the interior of the bus, my mind isn’t far from the task at hand.

In the next 20 days I have six photo sessions, three workshops, a {52 Dresses} shoot, and an 8 day trip to Puerto Rico planned. I dream of making over my blog to a simpler format with easy to access information on the workshops, photo sessions, about us, and faqs. I would love to have a photo session with my family and the bus and I want to do a video short too!

Jacob is finalizing all his mission paperwork including his medical, dental, and orthodontist appointments and will be submitting it before we leave. He’s also waiting on his Eagle Scout board of review which should take place soon and he’s working on the write up of his NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) experience.

Jake is busy with the transition from the Coast Guard to the Air National Guard. We’re still waiting for the lab work, but it appears he passed the flight physical with flying colors and hopefully we’ll hear news soon on the reinstatement of his Air Force wings.

Then there are the preparations for the bus. It’s scheduled for a safety inspection and we’re keeping fingers crossed that all goes well. Jake is making some improvements to it before we get on the road, but the unveiling won’t be for another 6 weeks or so. You can be sure I’m taking lots of pictures and capturing the transformation.

Meanwhile Miss B’s favorite pastime is swimming in the pool. She’s still not a fan of things that move unpredictably and the waves at the beach freak her out. She’s much happier in a pool than at the ocean, so I believe everything worked out for the best when the beach house busted and we now get to stay at a house with a pool!

I just realized I have only 3% batterly life left and it’s 1am. Time for me to wrap it up and get some sleep. I’ve decided to post this even though it feels wildly messy and unfinished. Seems thats how life will be for a while. I better get used to it.

August 5, 2013 - 10:05 pm

Camille Duckworth - You will pull it all together. You always do. Unfinished and messy tonight is perfect!

August 6, 2013 - 5:47 am

Mikell - You inspire me!

August 6, 2013 - 6:33 am

Leggs - You’ll come out on top… you guys always do! Love ya!

August 6, 2013 - 7:19 am

Carey - Thank you for keeping it real, Amy!

August 8, 2013 - 7:56 pm

Courtney - As always Amy, great post! Can’t wait until the Big Blue Bus comes our way!!

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