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{52 Dresses} Dress 39 | Tutu Du Monde

The skinny on {52 Dresses}:

  • Make sure to check out {52 Dresses} Year One and the current {52 Dresses}!
  • I’m working with boutique businesses who create fabulous children’s fashions!
  • The dresses that I photograph in the {52 Dresses} project will travel to Africa and be distributed to little girls in need!
  • It’s truly amazing how many wonderfully generous businesses there are that are participating!
  • There are currently over 70 dresses ready to be delivered!

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We’ve had a break in {52 Dresses} as we’ve been getting The Big Blue Bus Tour on the road! We’re currently in Seaside, Oregon and living on The Big Blue Bus for the foreseeable future as we travel the Pacific Coast and teach FREE workshops and take family pictures for others! Click here for our schedule. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for all the latest news!

As for {52 Dresses}, I still have 13 dresses that I need to share with you to complete the project and I’m determined to finish! This gorgeous dress was donated from Tutu Du Monde and given away on a couple weeks ago via a Facebook post. I hope you had the chance to enter! (Chris Simms was the winner. Congrats Chris!) You can check out more from Tutu Du Monde here. Their collection is GLORIOUS!

We did this photo session while we were in Puerto Rico in August at a location referred to as the Graffiti Museum. It had the best light ever! Also – I can’t get over how different Miss B looks now that she has short hair!:)I have openings for dresses if you know someone who would like to be spotlighted in {52 Dresses}!

October 20, 2013 - 11:10 am

Chesha Oliver - Hi Amy – First, let me just say how much I enjoy following your blog and your latest adventures on the big blue bus. I originally discovered you because of your photography and I am VERY anxious to take your online course. Hopefully soon! I am not certain if you are looking for more dresses to photograph or for more models… But my aunt has her own company making and monogramming gorgeous heirloom dresses for little girls. She would be more than happy to donate a dress for this. You can check our her website to see the dresses, and please let me know if you are interested.

And a very happy 19th anniversary to you and Jake. Enjoy your adventure!

All the best.

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