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This morning we woke before the sun came up. It’s moving day.

The RV park is dark and quiet. We speak in hushed tones as we get ready for the day. We take turns going to the bath house for a shower. Miss B is still asleep in our bed. We’ll let her sleep a little longer.

We know our moving routine well and everyone pitches in to get the work done. This morning it’s accomplished with no squabbling or discord.

I dismantle my computer and all the associated paraphernalia of my work. There are dozens of cords for various cameras, battery chargers, phones and computers. I pack up my hard drives and desk trinkets and then Jake packs the enormous 27” screen into its box.

After a quick breakfast of cold cereal, we clean off the kitchen counter, pack away the water kettle and skillet. I organize all the bins and spaces to make sure everything will travel well. The laundry basket gets put under the back bed and the lantern gets tucked away.

The boys make the beds, shake the rugs, sweep the floor, and empty the garbage. Jake is doing his inspection of the bus. He checks the oil and brake fluid. We’re a little low on brake fluid and so he tops it off.

Miss B’s car seat gets transferred from the van to the bus. She’s awake now and has been showered and dressed for the day. She keeps herself busy while everyone else is in constant motion around her.

We sweep the campsite one last time to make sure we haven’t left anything behind. The bus is a little more full than it was when we arrived in Seaside 11 days ago. We now have an extra space heater, a new grill, and a battery operated lantern, all items that make our life easier.

Miss B jumps as Jake starts the engine. The loud roar startled her, though it’s a comforting sound to me. It means we’re on the road again, ready for new adventures. We’ve loved our time here – but we’re ready to move on.

The last couple days seemed to drag on as we ran through to-do lists of emails, phone calls, and errands that had to be run. The business of life caught up with us and we’re looking forward to putting it away again for the next while.

Jacob and Josh climb into the van ready to follow the bus on our long drive today down the Oregon Coast. We buckle Miss B into her seat and off we go.

Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

October 27, 2013 - 11:57 pm

Kimberly Tippets Lowry - Did you get so beautiful pictures of your drive down the coast?

October 28, 2013 - 12:41 am

Emmaline Billman Hoffmeister - Good luck, we are a few days behind you, Seaside and then Pacific City are our first two stops once we leave WA. 9 Day countdown for our extended family affairs to wrap up and one more item to add to our truck. Since we sold our other pickup this will be out first trip with the new one.

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