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{52 Dresses} Dress 40 | Emmi Lee Designs

Congratulations Janie Ramirez! You won the $50 gift certificate to Emmi Lee Designs!

The skinny on {52 Dresses}:

  • Make sure to check out {52 Dresses} Year One and the current {52 Dresses}!
  • I’m working with boutique businesses who create fabulous children’s fashions!
  • The dresses that I photograph in the {52 Dresses} project will travel to Africa and be distributed to little girls in need!
  • It’s truly amazing how many wonderfully generous businesses there are that are participating!
  • There are currently over 70 dresses ready to be delivered!

If you haven’t seen A Day With Amy Online Photography Workshop, make sure you check it out!

It’s 50% off right now and only $99 until November 15th!!

I also offer FREE Intro to Photoshop tutorials!

Emmi Lee Designs is one of my favorite designers! Her dresses are incredible quality and adorable to boot! I’ve had the honor of photographing a lot of dresses in this project and I’m never disapointed by Emmi Lee Designs! She sponsored Dress 11, 28, and 38 and you’ll be seeing another dress coming up soon!! She is incredibly generous and I’m so thankful for her support of {52 Dresses}! This week she’s giving away a $50 gift certificate to her Etsy store! Don’t miss out – you can enter below!

As for us, we’re loving The Big Blue Bus Tour! We’re currently in San Francisco, California, but these images were taken while we were in Brookings, Oregon. Brookings was amazing and I hope we have the chance to go back!!

I’m still looking for a few more designers to sponsor {52 Dresses}! Please let me know if you are interested!

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52 Dresses Sponsored By:
Week 1: Fun4Me2
Week 2: Matilda Jane (dress supplied by me)
Week 3: Bownanas
Week 4: Plain Jane & Co
Week 5: Simplicity Couture
Week 6: Maggie Bogart
Week 7: {SIG}nature Creations
Week 8: Connie’s Kids Clothing
Week 9: Sheelin’s Closet
Week 10: KSMonkeys
Week 11: Emmi Lee Designs
Week 12: Playful Princesses
Week 13: Plain Jane & Co
Week 14: J. Marie Designs
Week 15: Art & Soul by bercot
Week 16: Bownanas
Week 17: Petals & Gowns by CLKeerins
Week 18: KSMonkeys
Week 19: Sweet Sapling
Week 20: SIGnature Creations
Week 21: J. Marie Designs
Week 22: Playful Princesses
Week 23: laken & lila
Week 24: Petals & Gowns by CLKeerins
Week 25: Bitsy Bit Designs
Week 26: Little Pink Peony
Week 27: laken & lila
Week 28: Emmi Lee Designs
Week 29: Three Yellow Starfish
Week 30: Kailyn Zoe & Co
Week 31: laken & lila
Week 32: Oh Veronica and LB Boutique
Week 33: Petals & Gowns by CLKeerins
Week 34: {SIG}nature Creations
Week 35: Baby Gap
Week 36: Sheelin’s Closet
Week 37: Vintagebubbles
Week 38: Emmi Lee Designs
Week 39: Tutu Du Monde
Week 40: Emmi Lee Designs

November 11, 2013 - 7:47 pm

Janie - I’ve never been on a real mountain and the beach is 50 minutes away so I’m a beach girl….a warm water beach girl! South Texas near the Gulf of Mexico…it’s even nice in November!

November 11, 2013 - 8:30 pm

Kimberly Holder - I love the beach…shells, sand, and ocean sounds. However the mountains are more breathtaking…And I feel closer to God there!

November 11, 2013 - 10:18 pm

Megab - Both! I love the water and sand but love the beauty of the mountains too.

November 11, 2013 - 10:35 pm

Kimberly - I love this dress, and I love that she is wearing her rain boots with the dress.

November 12, 2013 - 3:07 am

Janelle - Close call, but probably the mountains!

November 12, 2013 - 3:34 am

Jaime - We are a beach family!

November 12, 2013 - 3:44 pm

Melissa Sterrett - Both! Iam from the Washington!

November 12, 2013 - 6:03 pm

Robin Cockrell - I would prefer to play at the beach!!! Love the sand and the water and watching the kids having fun!

November 13, 2013 - 2:24 am

Rebecca Hartline Holland - playing on the beach :)

November 13, 2013 - 3:02 am

Robin Cockrell - This is an awesome thing you are doing. I love it!

November 13, 2013 - 9:10 am

Becca - Your new commenting stuff has me confused.. .I blame mommy brain. So I’m going to comment here as well as on the FB stuff above…

Before we lived in Kodiak, playing in the beach would’ve been my answer without a second thought. Now I think I’d rather hike!

November 13, 2013 - 9:30 am

kim Probst - I’m a beach girl, and these dresses are perfect for some beauty shots on our beautiful Oregon coast!

November 13, 2013 - 11:57 am

Kimberly Kadlubar - Both are good for the soul, but if prefer warm weather over cold. I’m a big fan of your foundation.

November 13, 2013 - 6:09 pm

Becca Waitt Dorval - Before we lived in Kodiak, playing in the beach would’ve been my answer without a second thought. Now I think I’d rather hike!

November 19, 2013 - 2:34 am

Marin Mandrick - playing at the beach

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