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Halloween on The Big Blue Bus Tour

As a family we celebrate Halloween, but it’s not one of our BIG holidays. (Come to think of it, I guess only Christmas qualifies as a big holiday for us. Even birthdays are pretty quiet affairs around here.) Josh is my child who always loved Halloween the most, not for the candy, but for the dressing up. In fact, four years ago I wrote about him and his love of dressing up. I had to go find the post this morning and we all laughed when I read it aloud, because it still holds true.

Josh is 13 and has outgrown trick or treating – especially as he is now 6’3″ tall. But he still loves to dress up. I bought him a pair of Superman glasses this week and he loves to wear them with his Superman sweatshirt. He makes the perfect Clark Kent. This little piece of Josh’s personality is one of the things I love about him most. He also loves to talk in accents. Have you seen the “Cleaner Wiener” commercials? If not – you have to watch them. We think they are hilarious!

Josh does the perfect imitation of this commercial and cracks us up constantly. “You looking for quality meat?” is a phrase we hear regularly.

Oh, I’m so thankful for Josh and his comedic relief. He keeps life on The Big Blue Bus interesting.

We carved pumpkins while we were in Coos Bay. Sam drilled holes in the shape of a face into his pumpkin and then filled the holes with peanut butter. The pumpkin was placed in the woods overnight for the animals to eat. When we woke in the morning, the peanut butter was gone and the inside of the pumpkin had been scooped out and a perfect pumpkin face was left!

Halloween Campfire-5

Josh and Miss B carved their own pumpkin.

Halloween Campfire-1

Halloween Campfire-7 Halloween Campfire-3

Sam and Miss B have been talking about costumes for weeks. Every day they had a different costume idea. I made the final decision for Miss B and bought a little $5 black kitty cat set from Target. Turns out she was adorable. Sam got to be a pirate – complete with face paint from Josh.

Living on the bus in a campground in a strange town makes for an interesting time trick or treating. We walked through our campground on our way to the van (which is parked away from the bus). Several people stopped us to fuss over Miss B and give her a treat. Then we drove all around Brooksville trying to find a suitable neighborhood. We were surprised at how few houses had lights on or pumpkins at the door. Finally we found a couple of houses and a terribly ghetto apartment complex, but all she needed was a few doors to knock on so she could use her practiced “Trick or Treat!”.

We’ll call that a successful Halloween.

Kitty-2 Kitty-1 Kitty-3

November 5, 2013 - 10:48 pm

Audrey - I can’t get over how tall Josh is! I know I say that every time I comment on a picture of him, but seriously!
He has the best sense of humor, and holy cow is he ever starting to look like Jake.

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