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High End Point and Shoot Review

Jake again. I want to start this post by saying that I really am not delving into the lower end point and shoots for a reason. Most of us carry a phone with a camera in it, and there really isn’t much to compare between the smart phone and basic point and shoot cameras. Camera phones are easy to use, and almost always available. Sure, the point and shoot cameras have a few more features built in than our phones do, but not many of us choose to shoot with a point and shoot over a camera just because of the added hassle of having to carry two separate devices, especially when our phones will do.

With all of that being said, there are times when a moment comes along that we do want to capture with more clarity and crispness than our phones provide. We want for a bit more from a camera, and this is a really good time for those of us as looking to take nicer photos without crossing into the DSLR realm of expense. Camera manufacturers realize there is a market out there for this type of consumer, and are dumping lots of development into this corner of the market right now. The result of their efforts are really starting to show! I have found a couple of cameras that are absolutely fantastic finds, and fully capable of great shots both in automatic and manual mode, without having to worry about the hassle of owning multiple lenses. A few of my favorite picks are linked below, but I do have to promote my single favorite pick based on performance, price, feel, and general all around like-ability factor!

As Amy and I reviewed this post, we had a discussion regarding cost, as entry level DSLR cameras can compete with these particular cameras. This brings us right back to the previous post I wrote about personal preference, and why the answer to which camera is best for me to buy is completely up to the individual, and will vary with everyone. The reason I choose this camera over an entry level DSLR is really because of my preference for portability and simplicity. I travel. All the time. I have never been one to want to take multiple suitcases or bags with me. I don’t carry a murse either. Too girly for me. I generally give as little thought to packing for a trip as possible, which generally results in me throwing some stuff into a bag the morning before I do chose to travel. That leads to me forgetting to pack at least one or two critical items per trip, so I usually have to stop and buy a toothbrush or socks on nearly every trip I go on. Its just a thing I do. Amy on the other hand makes lists. Weeks before vacation. She thinks about what she will wear, what she might need, writes it down in checklist form and starts packing days before a trip. It really does drive me nuts, but I have embraced it and support her. She offers me the same leeway with my habit of not packing early. We balance each other that way I guess. Anyway, in the camera department, if I had a DSLR I had to travel with, I am sure I would forget to bring a lens, a cord, or something else as critical. With this camera, I can simply toss it into my bag, and I am ready to go. I have never been one to put lots of thought into what I will pack for a vacation weeks in advance.

Nikon CoolPix P7800-As I mentioned in my earlier post, a camera should be viewed as a tool. The more comfortable you are with a tool, the more apt you will be to use it. The more that you use a tool, the more familiar you will become. The more familiar you are with a tool…..I think you get my drift. What you really want is a camera that you WANT to pick up and shoot with, and the P7700 beats out every other camera in its category based on this factor alone. It FEELS good in your hand, and makes you actually WANT to pick it up and shoot. The easy access to exterior dials and switches makes it super easy to switch settings, an important item to remember once you are shooting in manual. Being able to adjust your settings without having to enter into a cumbersome menu tree with multiple sub-sections make this camera my first pick overall. Oh, and the price is on the lower end of the scale for this class of camera as well, which makes it an easy pick for anyone sitting on the fence.