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I’m falling into bed exhausted tonight. We had a full day filled – from sun up to lights out – with the things that matter most. Hallelujah! I feel like we are finally getting the hang of life on the bus. Finally it is looking like what we hoped it would when we started this journey three months ago.

It comes down to priorities; how we want to spend our time. I’m amazed by the possibilities of what we could do. Limitless options spread before us and they all seem fantastic. There are just so many really great opportunities and so we must choose between good, better, and best. Specifically, what is best for our family?

As we got started, we were overwhelmed just trying to figure it all out. What did life look like on a bus? We were caught up by all we could (should?) see and do. While trying to fit it all in, it was easy to lose sight of what is most important.

The last week we have slowed down to a speed that feels much more manageable and works with our family. We don’t need to do and see everything. That’s really not the point of this bus tour.

It’s not a race to visit every landmark, experience every great restaurant, stop at every museum and attraction. The point is our time together. Sure, along the way we’re experiencing some magnificent sights. But the true prize is time. Our time together.

We set out knowing we wanted to grow in several key areas. We chose to focus on physical fitness, spiritual growth, and education. We wanted to be more physically active, read the scriptures and attend church on the road and read a plethora of great books.

We don’t have an excess of money, though we are blessed to have sufficient for our needs. Thankfully our goals don’t require cash. This week as we got back to basics we reveled in the simple life. We read late into the night, did pushups in the park, studied scriptures and enjoyed each other’s company.

These are the memories that we’ll hold onto when The Big Blue Bus Tour is over.

*Jacob studying the Book of Mormon and working on his institute class.

November 3, 2013 - 2:31 am

Heather - I totally agree with your traveling sentiments. I grew up in a house where we had to see every famous site everywhere we went. We would wake up before dark and go all day. Not fun. It’s nice to have a steady pace that is enjoyable.

We oh-so-miss-you. So bad. Glad to see you guys are having so much fun. Sending love your way.

November 4, 2013 - 1:40 am

Kimberly Tippets Lowry - I love reading you blog.

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