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Jake and Sam are working on a project. Sam’s love language is quality time, which means that not only does he like to spend time with us, he needs to spend time with us in order to feel loved. He’s always been that way. Sam’s a quiet kid. Often he just blends into the background and observes. But he is happiest when he’s sidled up next to one of us.

So, Jake and Sam decided to build something together. Originally they were going to build a chicken coop for the Country Home, but when we looked at our travel schedule, we realized we weren’t going to be around enough to keep chickens alive. So they came up with a second option. A Jake’s Chair. Jake’s wanted to build one of these for years now and this is the perfect chance for he and Sam to do something together. It’s not really about what they build. Whatever they create is simply a byproduct. The true result is the time they spend together and the lessons learned.

Our life here at the Country Home has not been idle. In fact, one of the reasons Jake loves it so is that he’s been back to work with a vengeance. You see, Jake is a worker. He cannot sit still. He despises television. He’s never been one to watch sports. More times than not, when he watches a movie, he falls asleep. His work ethic is the reason we’ve been able to do so much in our life. He can’t stand laziness. If there is a project to do, he’ll roll up his sleeves and do it, no matter what it is. He loves the satisfaction of a job well done and a hot shower after a hard day’s work.

It’s one of the things I love most about him. Jake gets things done.

I read a quote recently (on Pinterest I’m sure) and it said something like – you need to find someone who compliments you instead of completes you.

It has been a few days since I read that, but it’s been swimming around in my mind and tonight it came back to me as I watched this scene between Jake and Sam. Jake is my perfect compliment. My weaknesses are his strengths. I like to believe that my strengths are his weaknesses, but really, Jake got the short end of the stick because my weaknesses far outnumber his. Because of him, we make a great team. I do the planning and organizing and he makes it happen. Sometimes it seems like magic. Other days, like today, I’m overwhelmed by all he does and I don’t know how he does it.

He woke at 5am to go to work. He got a job working for a friend of ours while we are in town. He’s not above doing odd jobs or whatever can be done to support the family, in fact he craves it. After he finished work, he went to buy some parts for the bus and came home and worked for several hours on the engine. After dinner he and Sam went to work on the chair. It’s been three hours and they’ve been out on the porch in the cold (it’s only 39* out there) measuring and cutting. Jake must be exhausted. And yet, he continues to work. He’s got to be up early again in the morning to start all over again. He prefers to rise early and get a start to the day. Every day he says he’ll go to bed early, but that doesn’t happen.

Yet he’s happy! That’s the kicker. He finds joy in what he’s doing. He loves to work, and more importantly, he loves the results of work. He loves that he’s providing for his family in so many ways. He’s building relationships and passing this amazing work ethic on to his children.

Yes, I definitely got the better end of this bargain. From where I sit at my computer I have a view out the window to the porch. I’m watching Jake in his infinite patience work with Sam. Instructing, teaching, helping. How did I get so lucky?

February 27, 2014 - 5:49 pm

Tabitha K Lathrop - That is the sweetest thing ever!

February 28, 2014 - 7:15 am

Kimberly Tippets Lowry - Very sweet!

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