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What Now? Part II | The Big Blue Bus Tour


A HUGE thank you for the outpouring of support and encouragement we received after I wrote ‘What Now?’ last week. We received many condolences and heartfelt, I’m so sorry!’s. I’ll admit that it was nice to wallow in a bit of pity for a moment during our time of “what now?!” Though I had hoped that I had concealed my frustration over the delay in the processing of Jake’s paperwork for his new job better than I obviously had.

But as usually happens, as soon as we processed it all, we found many blessings to count and we were able to formulate a plan. And honestly, that’s all I need. A plan. A plan helps me feel safe. It doesn’t matter what the plan is, or even if it changes (it usually does). Having a plan reminds me that while we trust in The Lord, we can’t just sit around hoping for better days. We need to be an active participant in our lives.

You’ve probably noticed by now that Jake and I don’t take too long to make decisions. As soon as we were back together as a family and had a moment to go through our options, we decided that we wanted to get back on the road. It’s part of our life right now and we want to take advantage of it before we don’t have the opportunity anymore. Jake’s job will eventually work itself out – there’s no question of that. In the meantime we need to suck the marrow out of life, not spend our time worrying or wallowing in self pity! What a waste it would be if we didn’t seize this chance to continue to live our dreams!

So we’re getting ready to head out on the next phase of our adventure. We’re closing the loop from Texas to Florida. We’ve already traveled 12,000 miles from Florida to Alaska to San Diego to Texas. Now we’re finishing the last 1200 miles which will take us back to where we started! We’re stopping in New Orleans (I’ve never been!) and Mobile on our way to Clearwater and then Fort Lauderdale! We never even imagined that we’d end up back in Florida with the bus, but I’m so glad it’s turned out this way!

We’re also squeezing in a trip to Puerto Rico while we’re there. I think of everything we’re doing, I’m most excited about that. We have the dearest friends there and I can’t wait to visit with them again. It’s a week with no workshops, no sessions, just our families hanging together, feet in the sand. Since our trip there last August was the kick off to our tour, this visit truly represents that we’ve come full circle!

Time to get the bus ready! The last few times we’ve taken it out haven’t ended well. :/ Jake is going to replace all the hosing in the coolant system. Then it’ll be time to load up!

March 2, 2014 - 1:59 pm

Melissa H - Oh man!!! You are heading my way :-) will you be passing through Tallahassee,… well if taking I-10 then technically yes you will(silly question on my part, lol) I just signed up for the A Day With A Amy workshop literally 2 days ago and love your stuff so far. … will you be doing any session along the way to/through Florida? ?? We’ve never had professional lifestyle photos taken of or little family (Sears doesn’t count, right ?? Lol)and I’d be tickled pink if there was a possibility to have them done by you !!

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