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Miss B has had these adorable little pants from Matilda Jane Clothing for over three years. She actually has two pair of them. One in blue and one in green.

You wouldn’t believe that so many memories could be wrapped up in a piece of clothing. They have been worn, and worn a lot. What I love most about them is that they are true Miss B. She’s not a girly girl. She doesn’t dress up to look pretty, she loves to wear clothing that is comfortable and that she can move in. Function over form – every time. These little pants were something we could both agree on. Adorable and comfortable. And they go with everything.

I love the quality of the cloth. I’m amazed that these pants are without stains and still as soft as the day we bought them! Not all Matilda Jane is created equal. I bought another pair of these “straightees” (the name of this particular style of pant) the following year and they did not last nearly as long. Just a few months before they were stained and the fabric was pilling.

I’ve tried again this season with three different pairs of straightees, hoping to find a replacement pair. They fit in length but Miss B is too thin and the waist gaps, which of course annoys her. And I’ll have to reserve judgement on the cloth until she’s worn them more. Clothing around here has to resist grass stains and macaroni and cheese drippings and all sorts of other 4 year old child delights.

The other day she brought me her blue pair of beloved straightees and showed me where the elastic was showing through a small tear in the waistband. I had been wondering how long a pair of knit pants could possible hold up to the rigors of Miss B. Three years is pretty dang amazing.

The next day she was wearing the green pair and tore a hole in the bum. They finally surrendered in defeat. Miss B had worn them out. Interesting that after three years of constant wear, they would both give up at the same time.

I felt an Ode to Miss B’s beloved pants was in order. Too many memories to dismiss out of hand. Which is a bit interesting as I’m not sentimental about much. Once Miss B outgrows her clothing I pack them all up and send them to my sister who has two little girls younger than Miss B. I’m a bit of a clothes addict and she could dress a dozen little girls in the clothing I buy for Miss B.

It makes me happy to pass the items along. All the darling dresses (except the dresses from the 52 Dresses Project) and tops and bottoms go to Addie who is 6 months younger than Miss B and Milly who is almost a year old. Addie is every bit the girly girl and loves nothing more than to dress up and play princess. I live a bit vicariously through my sister. It’s fun seeing Addie enjoying those darling clothes the way they were meant to be enjoyed!;)

With no further ado, her’s a recap of the last last three years of Miss B and her sweet straightees!

Of course when I realized the pants were going out of commission in short order, I had to capture a few last images.

By the way, this girl really is made of AWESOME!

March 5, 2014 - 3:56 pm

Mikell Boshuizen - Love the memories!

March 5, 2014 - 10:57 pm

Susan Ferguson - So sweet! Made me smile!

March 10, 2014 - 7:23 am

Kimberly Tippets Lowry - She is made of awesome! What a cutie. Why do kids have to grow up so fast?

April 7, 2014 - 5:29 am

danielle - I love Matilda Jane clothes! Thankfully I have two boys so I am not as tempted to buy all of her stuff!

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