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Happy Graduation Day | The Big Blue Bus Tour


There is a lot swirling around in my mind tonight. Everyone else is asleep. I have a terrible stomach bug. It came on last night and has persisted all day. This evening Miss B is showing signs of it as well. It’s a really inconvenient time to be ill. I’m supposed to be driving to Dallas tomorrow. My niece is getting ready to go on a mission next month (to the Utica, New York Mission!!) and she’s going through the Dallas Temple tomorrow. I had really hoped to be there with her. (Love you Tori!!) But there’s no way I could make a 5 hour drive with my stomach like this. I’m also supposed to be doing a family photo session for a new friend while I’m up there. So my mind has been occupied with thoughts of that all day. I had really hoped I’d be able to make it. Until it became evident that Miss B was sick as well. Pretty sure there’s no way we’re making that drive now. :/

While on my sick bed today, I’ve been watching Facebook updates from friends all over the country announcing the graduation of their children from high school. Happy Graduation Day everyone!! Had Jacob attended public school, he would be graduating along side them, wearing his cap and gown and celebrating entering the next phase in life. Instead he graduated two years ago when he was 16.

*Pics from that day!

It was a crazy time for us, we were in the midst of moving from Kodiak to Clearwater. His graduation ceremony was online with the other students from Williamsburg Academy who were also graduating. He received the ‘Elevated Ethics Award’. We were pretty much done with Kodiak by that time so there was no party, no celebration. Just a few hugs and congratulations. Our neighbors bought him a gift card.

Watching all the commotion online about high school graduation makes what happened two years ago when Jacob got his diploma pretty anti climactic and brings all my thoughts back to him. I’m glad he graduated early. He was ready to move on when he did. Though I think I should have made a bigger deal of it than I did. That seems to be how things go for that kid. His birthday is New Years Day. It’s not easy celebrating your birthday on a major holiday. Especially that time of year (all you Christmas birthday peeps know what I’m talking about don’t you?!).

He fit a lot of life in those extra 18 months he had after high school/before his mission. he attended college classes online and had a job as a leadership mentor to middle school kids. He attended Elevation as a trail guide, went backpacking in Yosemite with his favorite mentors, attended a month long NOLS course, and of course got to be a part of The Big Blue Bus Tour. He applied to BYU (Utah) before he left on his mission and was accepted. They’ve put his enrollment on hold until he returns.

Now he’s been on his mission for 15 weeks. According to the countdown app on my phone there is 1 year, 9 months and 10 days left before I’ll see him again. I don’t look at that app much. We got to FaceTime him on Mother’s Day. It was amazing. He looks so good and is so happy. As we spoke he was glowing and that pretty much made my day. He wrote me a letter for Mother’s Day and then read it to me the last few minutes of our call. Boy did I ever cry. I’m a blessed mama.

Have you ever read the book, “Mommy, Do I Have to Serve a Mission?” I used to read it to Jacob all the time. There’s a line that carries itself through the book: “I miss you so much it hurts, but it’s a happy hurt”. I include that in every letter I write. And it’s true. I miss that kid!

Wow! That isn’t exactly what I had planned to write about tonight! But now I’m exhausted. I slept all day and I think I’ll be able to easily sleep tonight. Here’s hoping that lots of rest and hydration will lead to a speedy recovery!!

BTW – breaking news! We’re leaving Texas in three weeks and heading to Ohio for a couple months. More info coming soon.

*Pics from Jacob’s mission:
IMG_0227 *Elder Earle

IMG_0205 *Elder Cowley and Elder Earle

*Jacob’s pretty thankful we taught him how to keep a clean house! I bet his companion is too!

May 23, 2014 - 5:13 am

Angela Kennedy Alcorn - Hi Amy, please don’t worry yourself about our photo shoot. I just hope you and miss B feel better soon. I promise it’s okay and I know you wouldn’t miss coming to Dallas if you could help it. I know you have to be so very proud of Jacob. Even though he didn’t have a traditional graduation, he’s had so many other incredible adventures that some kids only dream about. Graduation can be kinda long and boring aways…hehehe. Get well soon…Angie

May 23, 2014 - 5:21 am

Angela Kennedy Alcorn - Side note: My husband Bobby has a New Years Eve birthday! He totally understands!:)

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