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Wearing a dress is probably Miss B’s least favorite thing to do in the world. You’d think we asked her to poke her eye out. If you ask her if she wants to paint her nails, she’ll tell you that she’ll do it when she “gets so much bigger”. Dance classes also fall into the category of “when I get bigger”. A haircut? “No thank you”. Lip gloss? Never. I shouldn’t be surprised. In a world filled with boys (and let’s face it, I’m not exactly a ‘girly’ girl) she fits right in. I see the gleam of pride in her father’s and brothers’ eyes as she embraces life full-fisted.

She doesn’t have time for dressing up or looking pretty. She just wants to ride her bike, swing on the swing, play with her friends, color intricate designs, hunt for butterflies, and play with (terrorize?) the cat that adopted us… and watch My Little Pony.

My Little Pony is a fairly new obsession. It started a few months ago when I purchased pull-ups at Walgreens for her that had the ponies on them. She was enthralled and as we did a little research we found all the My Little Pony episodes on Netflix. From the first episode she was hooked. As our internet is extremely limited at the Country Home, we opted to buy her Season One on DVD. Since its arrival from Amazon, My Little Pony has been on repeat. I didn’t expect her to love them as much as she does. It seems a little too “girly” for the girl who scoffs at all things feminine.

Her imagination is fierce at any given time she is associating with a character and has become them. Currently she is Princess Twilight Sparkle. “I’m not Betsy. I’m Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

Betsy drawing-3

Betsy drawing-2 *Princess Twilight Sparkle on the left – in full glory. Wings, a unicorn horn, tiara, necklace, shoes and rainbow hair. Good choice Miss B.

Betsy drawing-1

The other day Jake asked if I thought that her watching My Little Pony would make her more girly (did I detect an edge of concern in his voice?). I told him I thought it would take more than that. It appeared I was right on Sunday morning when I got her dress out for church. She regards me as her least favorite person when I present a dress for her to wear. She’s suspicious and annoyed. However, wearing a dress to church is non-negotiable. It’s not her first rodeo, so she picks her battles on Sunday morning. Though she’s annoyed at the dress, usually it’s shoes or doing her hair or heaven forbid – wearing jewelry – that she resists.

So that morning I placed a strand of pearls around her neck and pointed out that I was wearing some too. I could see the wheels turning as she regarded me, but she didn’t say anything. The entire drive to church I was waiting. Waiting for her to remove them. But when we arrived, they were still around her neck. They lasted through Sacrament meeting and then I began to eye her suspiciously. Was she really still wearing them? What was she up to? But she wore them all three hours of church and still had them on when we got home. Color me shocked. Maybe My Little Pony (and Princess Twilight Sparkle) are rubbing of a bit.

Betsy and Mom-1

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