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Have you been curious about what we’ve been up to lately? Sorry about that.

The last three weeks I have started EIGHT different blog posts. It’s true. I just looked through them all. It seems the last three weeks there wasn’t a moment when I had time to sit and write as I truly wanted to. Lots of starts, but no finishes. This is a problem for me. I write to share our story, but mostly I write to keep our history. It’s important to me to have a record of our life and adventures.

And so I begin yet another post, all about the unfinished posts of the last month.

After we returned from our amazing trip (to Florida, Puerto Rico, Alabama, and Louisiana) I started writing a post filled with images from our latest adventure along with anecdotes to make you laugh and smile. And while I wrote, life started right back up.

I was only home a few days before I left for an unexpected trip to Alaska to visit a friend who has been battling cancer and doesn’t have long to live. I was in Alaska a week and while I was there I visited with my closest friends on earth. It was a blessing. I started writing an entire post about that trip. I need to finish it.

I returned home just in time for Easter. I started another post with pics from our egg hunt along with stories of wonderful friends who treat us like family. I included pictures of my children in their Sunday best and I can’t believe how grown up they are.

That day – Easter – I had a spiritual experience and knew that I needed to find peace with where we are in our life. Peace with The Big Blue Bus Tour and what it has been. Peace with our time here at the Country Home. Peace with knowing that The Lord is at the helm and while I cannot know what lies ahead, I can trust in Him. I started writing a post about that.

That week I found a joy in my life that I haven’t felt in much too long. I found peace within and it made all the difference. I started writing a post about that.

Our week was a bit crazy with a trip to the emergency room mixed in. I also had a dozen sessions to work on and finish editing that were long overdue because of my trip to Alaska. I couldn’t stop to think about anything but the task at hand. Now I have all these glorious family pictures that are calling to be shared.

And then there was the preparation for a trip to Houston. Joshua attended Youth Conference there last weekend. On Saturday he, along with 150 other young men and young women, walked 16 miles to the Houston Temple. It was an incredible experience and one I’m sure he’ll never forget. Of course there is much to write about that!

Sunday I had the honor of photographing a newborn session for one of my very best friends, whom I consider a sister. Her family adopted a beautiful baby boy and I was there to capture both his birth family along with his adoptive family. It was an experience I’ll never forget, filled with love and joy. I have so much I would love to write and share about adoption and the blessing of it!

So you see – life has continued at a pace too speedy to keep up with in writing. Perhaps I need to lower my standards and just publish what I’ve written without so much angst. I think too much.

I’ve been working on an article that talks about our life on The Big Blue Bus. Details and stories I’ve never shared before – simply because there never seems to be enough time. The post remains unfinished.

Unfinished seems to be a theme here. And for my brain that likes things tidy, it’s terribly unnerving. I wonder if I will have the opportunity to finish them as I would like to. And when I have the time, will the accounts be fresh enough to recall?

I have no answers.

But I know that already I have another post that I must start writing… right now. About our future and what lies ahead. Because life just continues on. It won’t stop even though I haven’t written about it to my satisfaction.

May 1, 2014 - 5:30 pm

Jenni Koval - I’m anxious to hear your unfinished posts. Especially about your tour! God has seemingly shut the door on the bus we were supposed to buy this weekend. So now we are left wondering if the door is closed on the whole trip or just that bus. Peace with knowing the Lord is at the helm. Yes, that’s what I’m looking for right now. Are you planning on keeping the Big Blue Bus? Maybe we can sell you our house and we can buy your bus. ;)

May 2, 2014 - 4:43 am

Kimberly Tippets Lowry - I love reading your blog. Who went to the e.r.? I hope everyone is well. Are you so excited to talk to Elder Earle in a few days? I can’t wait to read more!

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