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Yosemite – Day Four | Adventure Permitted


Jake!! It’s day 4!! Hallelujah! That means from this moment I’m halfway done.

Today’s hike was a gift. After yesterday’s experience, I am thankful for today. We hiked about 7 miles and much of that was across flat open meadow. It was amazing. The route leaving Peeler Lake took some work. My legs were tired and sore and the first 90 minutes was sheer torture as we traversed over boulders and hills. Then it opened up to the nicest, flattest, most beautiful trek.

I needed it. The last 3 days were brutal for me physically. I had to concentrate on each step. My entire focus was on moving forward, completing the day’s challenge. Today I got to walk through this amazing wilderness and breathe the wild air.

I want to bring you back to this place where I have been changed. I want to experience these things with you!

This morning we met at 7:45am for morning yoga. It was incredible – there beneath the peak that had challenged us so yesterday. Everyone has talked about how difficult that climb was. So – seriously – it was tough!

I’m sitting her on a rock after 3 days of not bathing properly and its ridiculous. I’m filthy. Actually – on that thought – I’m going to go run a pair of my dirty clothes through the lake to wash. I’ll be back.

I’m back! Oh it’s a glorious day!! And my hands are clean! You would not believe (or maybe you would?) how dirty we get out here! Tomorrow I look forward to using another shower cloth! I have a really severe sunburn on my neck and ears and a some on my cheeks. Last night I woke up and thought that I had an insect bite on my ear – it really hurt. Turns out it is just sunburned. Hurt to lay on. Today I made sure I had a good layer of sunscreen – you’d be proud of me!

The boys tell me I need to jump in the lake. They’ve been cliff jumping this afternoon and swimming. Supposedly this lake is warmer than the lake yesterday.

After yoga this morning we headed out around 8:30am. We got to camp around 1:30pm. It was perfect. Interestingly, no matter how fast I walked, I was still the slowest person. Whatever.

Even though the sun is shining and I’m bundled in my underclothes, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt and down jacket – I’m still cold!! I’m even wearing socks with my Tevas.


Almost ready for dinner. We meet at 6pm and after we eat, we discuss a reading that James has assigned us. He gave us a packet of articles for us to have colloquia on each evening. It’s such a wonderful way to end the day – with stimulating discussion! I love these guys!!

I talked to Greg today about mentoring Josh. We’re totally on the same page and if all that came out of this trip was an awesome mentor for Josh – WOW!! Worth it!!

I keep coming back to the gift of today. After the brutalness of the 1st 3 days, today was amazing. Still some challenging parts, but I needed to be able to walk through nature – with my pack – and feel confident! I needed that!


We’re sitting around the campfire for dinner. My lips are chapped and my sunburn hurts and my muscles are on fire. It was good that we headed out this morning although in my mind I thought I wanted a rest day after the mountain summit yesterday. Continuing to work my muscles is the best thing for me I think.

We’re discussing a chapter from The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success called The Law of Giving tonight. After reading the chapter, I’m really interested in reading the book!

Have I mentioned that these Mountain House meals are yummy? I’m surprised. I really enjoy them in the evening after eating bars all day! Now that we’re officially in Yosemite we can have a fire tonight. It’s so nice!!


Ready for bed.

Moments like this I can’t believe I’m out here. Peeing in the woods, 4 days without a shower, dirty clothes, putting the bear canister 100 feet from the tent, eating food from a foil pouch, summitting mountains, wearing my pack. Crazy!! Flicking bugs off my page as they crawl in the light from my headlamp. Looking up at the stars and being overwhelmed by their beauty. Feeling the chill of a mountain breeze. Sitting in a tent feeling the ache in every muscle in my body. An entertaining and learning night around the fire. Not looking in a mirror for days. Wondering about life at home.

Tonight Pete challenged us to stay present. To avoid thinking of home and what we could/would be doing. It’s good advice, but hard for me to follow. I’m trying to be present because after today I have 4 days left in camp. Tomorrow is a free day. Thursday we’ll hike back to the lake we were at last night. Friday we’ll have a solo day and then Saturday morning we’ll trek out.

The end will be here before I know it and I don’t want to waste it wishing I were home. I came for a reason and I’m going to follow through with that. It’s Monday and I wonder how Jacob’s letter from his mission was. Actually – I just realized it’s Tuesday.:)

Time for bed. I’ll think and dream of you. I miss you.

August 7, 2014 - 1:05 pm

Camille - What lens are you using most if the time? I’m loving the realness of every image, like as if you weren’t even there, but just capturing that moment as it happens.

August 7, 2014 - 4:35 pm

Amy Earle - Camille- thank you! The only lens I took was the Canon 50mm 1.4! It was perfect!

August 8, 2014 - 1:19 am

Mikell Boshuizen - I hope you jumped off those rocks!

August 8, 2014 - 7:40 am

Meredith - Thank you so much for sharing your adventure! I’m so enjoying reading about your experience! I met my husband on a backpacking trip in Colorado through our university and it was absolutely life changing (other than finding my soulmate too) it truly changes you to spend that time challenging yourself and relying on a group of strangers who become family.

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