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A Big Huge Scary Goal |Discovering Health

1411833501249 Last night Jake and the boys went on a Boy Scout campout. I never sleep well when Jake is gone and so I was up late into the night watching mindless television on Hulu. Because it takes unlimited reliable internet, it’s been over a year since I’ve done that.

Although for years before that, it was a common occurrence. I would stay up way too late editing pictures or working on my business. It was my guaranteed quiet time which I craved. After spending all day with demands on my time as a mother, wife, and homemaker, a few hours alone a night sounded like bliss. I would set up Hulu, gather some snacks, and slip away into my comfort zone.  Soon enough it would be 2 or 3 or even 4am and I’d be stumbling into bed exhausted. I wasn’t the picture of health though I didn’t want to admit that my late night routine could be contributing to my obesity.

Since my gastric bypass last year I’ve been working on changing unhealthy habits. Staying up past midnight working and eating was one of the first bad habits to go. I made it a goal to go to bed when Jake went to bed.  It’s not always easy. I’m a night person and Jake has always preferred early mornings (and early bed times). Thankfully, our routine on the bus made it simple. Plus there was no internet or television to distract me. Now that we’re in more of a typical routine, I find myself staying up late more often. Although not into the wee hours as before, I’ve still been pushing bedtime back and reading books or working on projects.

Interestingly enough, I don’t feel as healthy or as strong when I stay up late. I hate to admit it after twenty years of marriage, but I think Jake is on to something with his early to bed – early to rise. Or maybe I’m just getting old. That could certainly be part of it. But my body thanks me when I go to bed at a reasonable hour. One night back to the old routine and I realize that I’m better off committing to continue with earlier bed times.

In other news, I’m almost done with 100 Miles in September! I have 4 days and 5 miles to go. WhooHoo! Thank you to everyone who participated with me! Whether you finished your 100 miles or not – it was so great to have your support!!

I walked every single day this month. Some days I walked long distances (my longest walk was 8 miles) and some days I just got out and walked around the block ( my shortest walk was .67 miles).  Jake walked most of those miles with me. We walked in the rain, we walked in the heat, we walked at night and in the morning. Walking with him was my favorite part. It was the perfect time to talk and debrief our days. We talked about our future and we talked about our past. We talked about the kids and we talked about each other. We talked about his work and we talked about mine. Walking every day has brought us even closer and I didn’t think that was possible.

I’ve loved the challenge of walking 100 miles in a month. I work best with a specific goal or challenge that I’m working towards, so I’ve got a new one that scare the pants off me and will keep me focused and training for a while.

I’m going to run a marathon next year.

I never thought I’d say those words. But I think it’s a worthy goal. BFF Kim and I came up with the idea together. We decided we needed something to work on and something that was big enough to terrify us. We talked about a few options, but a marathon won out. I’ve since roped in Jake too. How about you? Do you want to join us?!

At my current fitness level I can run a solid mile (without stopping) in about 12 minutes. I’m a long way from running 26.2 miles. But I have 14 months to prepare.  We’ve chosen the 2015 Honolulu Marathon as our goal. The Honolulu Marathon has a few things going for it. First – it’s in Hawaii. That’s pretty much enough right there. Second – there are no qualifying times or lotteries. If you want to participate, you can participate. Third – there is no cut-off time. You can walk the whole thing if you want to. Fourth – did I mention it’s in Hawaii?

Here’s my plan:

October/November/December: Couch to 5K. Basically my goal by January is to be able to run a solid 3-4 miles without stopping.

January – June: Train for half-marathon. We’re going to run a half-marathon in Alaska in June of 2015.

July – December: Train for marathon!! Honolulu here we come!

I get so excited talking about it, but when I’m actually out on a walk/run, I realize that I’m crazy for even considering it. But nothing worth while is easy, so here goes nothing.

Have you trained for a marathon or half-marathon before? What do I need to know?! Share your secrets with me please!

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