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It’s early morning and the house is quiet. My favorite part of the day. The two littles are still sleeping. Okay, I know Sam really isn’t a little. He’ll be 12 next month. How is that possible? I suppose he’ll always be a little in my heart. Jake is already gone, he rode his bicycle to work today. It’s 28 miles round trip. He does it a few days a week so that I can have the car. That’s what I call love – considering its been crazy hot lately. Josh just got home from seminary (an hour of early morning scripture study at the church) and is now meeting online with his mentor Greg. They and some other students are having a book discussion on The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Have you read it? You should. It’s fantastic.

So that leaves me. I’m sitting on the couch listening to the stillness. The house is clean and organized and that brings me peace. (The best part of living in a small home with very few belongings is there is a place for everything and it takes only moments to clean completely. ) I’m going through my list of things to accomplish today. I’ve got laundry to fold (I always have laundry to fold) and dinner to put in the crockpot. I’ve become obsessed with the crockpot. I use it at least 3 times a week. Today I’m trying a mongolian beef recipe I found on Pinterest. Josh has an eye appointment and I need to get a package together to mail to Jacob.

Can you believe that tomorrow Jacob has been on his mission for SEVEN months? He’s doing great and I miss him like crazy. He loves the Czech Republic and the people there. His letters are full of inspiration and miracles he’s experienced. Last week he dislocated his knee cap while playing soccer. It was serious. They called an ambulance and he was in great pain and slipping into shock. I cried while I read his description of the incident. The paramedic put his knee cap back into place, the pain was gone, and his knee has been fine. He received a blessing telling him he would have no further problems with his knee and that he would be able to continue the work the Lord has for him to do over there. The Lord is truly aware of His missionaries that sacrifice to do His work.

My to-do list has some projects on it that I’ve been meaning to get to. Like posting six months worth of Jacob’s letters to his blog., finishing a couple of videos for Simply b Photos, revamping my photography workshops, and working on this new Adventure Permitted blog.

I have a bit of an all or nothing personality. And by “bit”, I mean an extreme case. I struggle finding balance in my life. While working on projects I tend to get so wrapped up that I have difficulty pulling myself away to focus on my family. As the pendulum swings, I throw myself into my family. Being present with my family is my ultimate goal. I feel time slipping away from me, not on a daily basis, but as if the years are somehow disappearing without my knowing. I know that no matter what, the time will go by. But I want to make sure that I am here, focused, participating.

I love that physically I’m able to be engaged with my family on a level I never have before, but always wanted to. I suppose losing 100 pounds will do that. We bike several times a week, though Betsy isn’t a huge fan of it. She gets nervous. We want to get her this bike trailer/seat from Weehoo, but it costs a small fortune. We’re planning some backpacking and mountain biking trips in our near future. Jake and I also walk every day – its honestly my favorite part of the day.

I challenged myself to walk 100 miles this month. I respond well to challenges, they keep me motivated. I’ve been recording my walking/running mileage since June 1st on the Nike Running App and I haven’t completed anything close to 100 miles in one month. In June I walked 36.1 miles. In July I completed 19.5 (plus approximately 32 in Yosemite), and in August I hit 20.6 miles. So I’m pretty excited about working towards 100 miles. Want to join me? Start walking! If you are on Instagram, find me at @adventurepermitted and tag #adventurepermitted on your pictures!

So much more to say! But the kids are stirring. Time to get going for the day! Talk to you soon!

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