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A Day With Amy: Photography Workshop | ONLINE

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Do you have a nice camera that takes great pictures, but you can’t always predict the results? Do you keep your camera on AUTO because the other settings intimidate you or the results aren’t what you had hoped for when you try them?

I know how you feel. When my very first DSLR camera arrived in the mail June of 2009, I wasn’t even sure how to change the lens! I started taking pictures but I had no idea what aperture, shutter speed, or ISO were, nor how they affected my images. I’d catch a great shot but have no idea how I got it, or how to recreate it. I called them happy accidents. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Does that sound familiar? If so, this class is for you!


      This class is for you if:
  • You’d like to learn how to tell a story with your images rather than constantly taking snapshots.
    (I love studio sessions, but the images that I will treasure for years to come will be those that remind me what life was like with my children.)
  • You have a camera that you aren’t quite sure how to use nor what all the buttons mean. You would like to know how to use your camera in a mode other than AUTO.
  • You have trouble finding great lighting for your pictures.
  • You like to learn how to take silhouettes or backlit images.
  • You are missing that extra special something from your images.
  • You get happy accidents instead of predictable results from your camera.

Topics covered include:

Shutter speed
White balance
Lenses/Focal Lengths
Lighting (indoors and outdoors)

When we are finished, you will be able to use your camera outside of AUTO mode.
The great thing about attending a workshop is that I will talk you through all the technical stuff.
I explain step by step how everything fits together.

But it’s not all technical.
 My goal is teach you not only how to use your camera, but also to help you see your role as photographer in a different light.  I’ll share how you can capture images of your family that will be treasured for a lifetime. I’ll teach you how to tell the story of your family’s life through photography.



The format for this class is so simple! Once you’ve purchased your spot, I will send you a link and a password. All the recordings will be accessible at that link. You will have access to watch the recordings at your leisure for 60 days! START LEARNING NOW!

THEN! You will be invited to two live webinars. Webinars are so simple! It’s easy for you to connect and you don’t need any fancy equipment. You can even use an app on your iPad. (Contact me for more information on using your iPad.) You’ll be watching me on camera and you will also be able to see the screen on my computer. It’s easy to be involved and ask lots of questions, or be an observer and take lots of notes. How you participate is up to you!

How is this class different from others being offered? 

I love getting to know each of my students and developing a relationship with them. This isn’t a class that you attend and then never hear from the instructor again!  You will be invited to the Day With Amy Facebook group where you can ask questions, post pictures, find support and make friends with others who have attended the workshops and are improving their photography skills. The group has  close to 200 people!

ALSO: Included with the class is a digital copy of the A Day With Amy Workshop Workbook (filled with all the information that I cover in class) and cheat sheets for your camera with step by step instructions on how to use your camera in manual mode.

Along with the recordings you get to attend TWO LIVE webinars to ask all your questions!

2015 Webinar Dates:

October 27, 2015 9pm EST

November 30, 2015 9pm EST

December 16, 2015 9pm EST

2016 Webinar Dates:

January 12, 2016

February 22, 2016

Please email me at if you have any questions.

Payment is due in full at time of registration.
Due to the nature of this course, no refunds will be given once payment has been made.

Cost of the class is $199 Currently on SALE for $99 until November 30th!

Click HERE to purchase the workshop!

What People Are Saying:

Hi Amy! I took your online Day with Amy just about 2 weeks ago or so! It was amazing! You are simply the best teacher and I cannot thank you enough! The class was truly like marrying everything I had read and working with my camera and all of the info floating around in my head together and finally having it all make sense! It is truly inspiring also that as a professional photographer you are willing to help other budding photographers be able to take fantastic photos! So many professional photographers (at least in my area or ones I have talked with) are so protective of the information they know and are unwilling to help others with this passion! It is wonderful you do not feel that way and are willing and able to teach others! As someone who loves photography, photos, scrapbooking, etc. I know even if I can take the most fabulous photos myself of my family I will always enlist the help of another professional photographer to capture those big special moments as well! ~ Angela

4 people in the past 24 hours have asked me what camera I have (after I posted my trip photos on Facebook). Each time I have answered Canon 5d MK II plus a photography course with Amy Earle at Simply b Photos – the camera would be nothing without the course!! Thank you again – you have given me so much – being able to capture my family in the way that I have only ever dreamed about is so fulfilling for me. ~ Ailie Webb

I am finally metering and shooting in manual with confidence. What a difference it has made in my photos!  I just took my personal family’s portraits complete with remote and tripod and I did it ALL on manual cause your class gave me the confidence.  ~ Becky Dustin

After the workshop I havent stopped taking pictures!! I love using my camera in manual!! ~ Heather McGuyrt

Amy, thank you again for the awesome workshop! I learned more spending eight hours with you on how to take better pictures than I did in two semesters of college photography. Even my iphone photos are looking better! You truly have a knack for teaching.:)~ Brenda Riley

I’ve been doing LOTS of practicing with my camera! I can’t thank you enough for your workshop! I’ve always had a passion for photography and now I’m getting the skills to go with it. And I haven’t taken it out of manual once since the workshop:)~ Sarah Beck

Amy’s workshop was perfect for me.  It was exactly everything I wanted.  I had little to no experience in photography.  I only knew how to point and shoot in automatic mode.  Amy covers a lot of material in a short amount of time.  She explains it in a way that any novice can understand.  Her class provided the knowledge and confidence that I need to take high quality pictures of my husband and two young boys.  Her tips on some key photography techniques for difficult settings are ones that would have taken me years to figure out simply by practicing on my own and researching the internet.  The price is extremely reasonable for the knowledge gained.  I highly recommend this class to all of my friends and family. ~ Jennifer Whitmore

I had the best time at the workshop! It was so much fun! I feel like I have such a solid understanding of my camera and how it operates now. I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into making the class. It’s such a relaxed atmosphere, no one feels uncomfortable about asking a “dumb question”. It allowed for maximum learning, with minimal stress. ~ Bambi Norris

Amy!!! I loved your workshop! Even with ten plus years of studio experience, I felt like I learned more in those few hours than I have in years! I left feeling inspired and eagar to experiment. You are warm and genuine and I was so impressed with your knowledge! You are truly gifted! Thank you for sharing your talent! ~ Lori Snegirev

I went to the class hoping to gain a better understanding of how to take amazing pictures with my camera and how shutter speed, ISO and so forth affect the picture.  I sure learned all this and more!

Thanks to Amy (Simply b Photos), I now feel very confident about what I will actually be doing from now on! If you just got a camera, or have had one and would love to konw how to use it (FOR REAL), then contact Amy Earle, she is SUCH a great teacher, so real and encouraging. ~ Rhea Anne Photography

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