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Karissa and Eric

I had such a great time capturing these images for this family!View full post »

Julie and Jeremiah

One of the greatest compliments a photographer can recieve is for a client to return for more pictures. I took Julie andView full post »

Mechelle and David

I love when my husband comes with me on a shoot! Working alongside him just makes me happy. The sessions always seem toView full post »

Melissa and David

This family is nothing short of remarkable. They’ve been through a stressful year as Melissa battled (andView full post »

Sarah and Brett

After all the wind and rain we’ve had lately, it’s hard to remember back to the days when the sun wasView full post »

Ashley and Steve

I love this family! I had the opportunity to photograph them a couple times when they lived in Kodiak and it was greatView full post »

Hawaii Silhouettes

Jake and I had an amazing time in Hawaii. I wrote a little about it here. What I realized while we were out strollingView full post »

Kimberly and Jeff

I had such a great time with this family! It was great to meet their whole family to do pictures while Grandma andView full post »

Trisha and Jon

Summer is PCS (permanent change of station) season in the Coast Guard. It’s bittersweet as families move in andView full post »

Michelle and Alex

Sometimes it takes a while (a year even) to get family pictures scheduled! But the stars aligned for this session and IView full post »

Courtney and Josh

NOTE: Make sure you check out Simply b’s HUGE giveaway!! Courtney and Josh are some of our favorite family friendsView full post »

Rosie and Saul

We’ve had such beautiful weather the last couple weeks for photo sessions! I’ve been loving it! I love thisView full post »

Tracy and Brad

I’m so sad that this fantastic family lived just houses away from us and we didn’t get the opportunity toView full post »

Fried Family

This family is amazing! The relationships they have with each other are filled with love, joy and respect. It was aView full post »

Carla’s Crew

It took us several tries to get the weather conditions and everyone’s schedules to coincide for this session, butView full post »

Bridget and Lonny

I had such a great time at this family shoot. It was later in the evening and everyone was in such a great mood! What aView full post »

Emily and Derek

A few weeks ago when I was in Fairbanks, the weather was fantastic and I was lucky to find some really great locationsView full post »

Ashley and Steve

I love having clients return for updated pictures! It’s so fun to see their children growing up and we alreadyView full post »

Voni and Rich

I’ve been enjoying the weather in Kodiak this week, and had the opportunity to have some really fantastic outdoorView full post »

Silhouette Mini Shoots

I did some mini silhouette shoots over the last couple weeks. A giant THANK YOU to these families who were willing toView full post »

Kate and Jason

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this family several times. I took Kate’s maternity pictures when sheView full post »

Cheri and John

What a great family!! The evening of our session was beautiful but it was so cold. These guys were troopers… talkView full post »

Dani and Craig

What a fun family! Aren’t they just too cute?! I had such a great time with them. The kiddos kept me smiling theView full post »

Paula and Randy

One of the best things about what I do is the people that I meet. I really enjoyed photographing this family. They wereView full post »

Mandy and Daniel

Kodiak is a small town, so I shouldn’t be surprised when I meet someone and discover we have a connection throughView full post »

Katherine and Corey

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do this family shoot! The first time I met Melanie, she was very hesitant toView full post »

Ali and Roger

I’ve been looking forward to doing these pictures since Ali contacted me months ago (before Tristan was even bornView full post »

Alyvia Turns One!

What a great family shoot! Beautiful little girls. Gorgeous parents. What’s not to love? How about topping it offView full post »

Pam and Marv

I loved this photoshoot! I laughed the entire time! What a great family. I took pictures of Heather and Adam’sView full post »

Charity and Anthony

My last photoshoot of 2010 was fantastic. These kiddos were just so sweet! I had a great time with them! Looks like theyView full post »

Jill and Will

What a great family! And what a fun photoshoot! It’s always fun to have teens in the studio. It reminds me howView full post »

Jenni and Michael

I did family pictures for Jenni and Michael before Lauren was born. {Click Here}. I loved getting to know them. And thenView full post »

Paige and Andrew

{If you were looking for information on how to nominate a family for free photosession, please click here.} Rebecca isView full post »