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Petals and Gowns

Petals and Gowns made this gorgeous Christmas dress for Miss B to wear in the {52 Dresses} project. Talk about talent,View full post »

Miss B

(Note: If you are interested in attending A Day with Amy Photography Workshop, there are two new classes that have justView full post »

California Days

It’s raining cats and dogs in Kodiak. I’m certainly not missing it. I’m loving my last few days ofView full post »


I taught A Day With Amy Photography Workshop yesterday in Sacramento and it was fantastic! The women (and men!) were soView full post »

Beautiful Eyes

*I meant to enter this in i heart faces’ beautiful eyes photo contest. I even had it loaded and ready to go twoView full post »

Miss B’s Tea Party in the Woods

{If you want to participate in Simply b’s HUGE giveaway (including workshops in Kodiak, Oahu, and Sacramento, asView full post »

Miss B as Minnie Mouse

We don’t have cable at Casa de Earle; we watch television via Hulu or Netflix. It’s easier that way, moreView full post »

Out of the Office

I’m packing my bags and getting ready to head to North Pole for a Day with Amy Photography Workshop.  Miss B isView full post »

Miss America

We live in a little town.  On an island.  In the Gulf of Alaska. (Have I mentioned that before?) We have someView full post »

Pretty Petals

I received a package with the most beautiful headbands this week.  I’m always on the lookout for new pieces and IView full post »

Watching Daddy

We’ve had beautiful weather the last two days. If you live in The Land of Sun or Good Weather, you may notView full post »

J. Marie Designs

I have an incredibly talented friend who makes children’s clothing.  Her business is called J. Marie Designs.  IView full post »


Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walkingView full post »

I heart my family

A couple weeks ago my sister (of Tammy Smith Photography) came to Kodiak to be mentored in photography. We had the bestView full post »

Sam’s Treasure

I have three sons. And so scouting is a big part of our lives. Jake is an Eagle Scout. Our oldest is a Life Scout. HeView full post »

Miss B and her daddy.

This morning I folded a mountain of laundry. It took an hour. We generate lots and lots of laundry at Casa Earle. NoneView full post »

Josh and Sam

It’s been a while since I’ve done an outdoor shoot! November 20th actually. This has it’s advantages.View full post »

From our house… to yours.

I woke up happy this morning. I could sense it… something was different. What was it? Oh yes! Christmas Break! WeView full post »

My Kiddos

{If you were looking for information on how to nominate a family for free photosession, please click here.} Remember theView full post »

A session with my children.

I decided today to get some fabulous pictures of all of my children together; my 3 handsome sons and beautiful daughterView full post »

Ready for Christmas

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was wonderful. Peaceful. Relaxing. {Mostly.} Though I missed my parents and my siblingsView full post »

My Children

Months ago, I posted pictures of my Miss B. I had every intention of following up with posts and pictures of the rest ofView full post »

Miss B

We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body. ~ Ralph Waldo EmersonView full post »

Sherry and Paxton

I’d like to introduce my mom and dad. What an amazing couple. They’ve been married 43 years and have 10View full post »

Sweet Miss B

I haven’t properly introduced you to the members of my family.  You may already read the ramblings on my familyView full post »