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One Hell of a Ride | Raising Leaders

We’ll look back on this and smile because it was life and we decided to live it. We said goodbye to our friend TheView full post »

Texas Bluebonnets | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I’m not sure there is anything more gorgeous than a field full of Texas bluebonnets at sunset. When we knew weView full post »

Live Your Adventure (Part One) | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Not long after Jake and I first got married, we lived in a crappy little apartment in Anchorage, Alaska and dreamed ofView full post »

He Did It | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*Self portrait from the other day. More about living my adventure in the next post. I’m enjoying the mostView full post »

This Little Girl of Mine | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Wearing a dress is probably Miss B’s least favorite thing to do in the world. You’d think we asked her toView full post »

May we always remember | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I’d like to introduce you to our family flag. We love this flag; it’s one of our family’s belovedView full post »

Happy Graduation Day | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Hey. There is a lot swirling around in my mind tonight. Everyone else is asleep. I have a terrible stomach bug. It cameView full post »

Mason Jar Lunches | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Jake and Josh just walked out the door. It’s early still and Miss B and Sam are still sleeping. I’m sittingView full post »

Unfinished | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Have you been curious about what we’ve been up to lately? Sorry about that. The last three weeks I have startedView full post »

Life is Good | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Good morning! Today I’m determined to publish a blog post. Not just write one, but actually publish it! IView full post »

Road Trip | The Big Blue Bus Tour

This moment. Oh, I’m in love with this moment. It’s Sunday morning at 11:42am. We’re driving through a small townView full post »

How about you just enjoy yourself? | The Big Blue Bus Tour

We were supposed to be in Mobile, Alabama tonight, but we aren’t on the road yet. We did hop over to Houston toView full post »

Miss B’s Pants | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Miss B has had these adorable little pants from Matilda Jane Clothing for over three years. She actually has two pair ofView full post »

Shut Up and Enjoy the Ride | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I woke up this morning as Jake was getting ready to go work. He was standing at the side of the bed slipping a shirtView full post »

Jake | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Jake and Sam are working on a project. Sam’s love language is quality time, which means that not only does he likeView full post »

Starring Miss B | The Big Blue Bus Tour

What size bed do you sleep on? For the last eleven years since Sam-a-lam was born, Jake and I have enjoyed the space ofView full post »

What Now? Part II | The Big Blue Bus Tour

A HUGE thank you for the outpouring of support and encouragement we received after I wrote ‘What Now?’ lastView full post »

Perfect Imperfections | The Big Blue Bus Tour

A few days before Jacob left for the MTC, we did a quick photo session in front of the bus. Alex from Tasseled Rags hadView full post »

Down Time | The Big Blue Bus Tour

I’ve had a lot of questions about the Country Home. I’ve written about it before, but if you aren’tView full post »

What now? | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*Awesome shirts from Tasseled Rags! The Big Blue Bus Tour hasn’t looked anything like we thought it would when weView full post »

The Last Five Days | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Three weeks ago when everyone got sick and all our plans had to be rearranged, I spent several hours trying to figureView full post »

Companions | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Oh my heart is full today! Four hours until we drop Jacob off at the missionary training center. Two nights ago, ourView full post »

Oh My Boys | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*With our friends, The Howards, who live in Houston. Their mom bought the boys matching ties. Oh how I love these boys.View full post »

Known | The Big Blue Bus Tour

It’s early and the house is quiet. Poor Jake started running a fever yesterday. He waited for everyone else to beView full post »

I don’t know how to say goodbye | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*Jacob and I at the Houston Temple It’s 2am. I’ve been lying in bed unable to sleep. I feel like a hugeView full post »

Recovered | The Big Blue Bus Tour

It’s Sunday again. The week disappeared amid naps, movies, and 13 boxes of kleenex. Poor Miss B slept throughView full post »

Here We Go | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Well, it’s done. All the kids have succumb to illness. I can’t remember the last time everyone was sick atView full post »

Count your many blessings | The Big Blue Bus Tour

The last 36 hours deserve it’s own blog post. I suppose I should start back 4 days ago. We had just arrived backView full post »

The Horizon | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Hi. . . . It’s a rainy day in Texas after several days of frigid temperatures. Winter here is not what I had expectedView full post »

Cheating on the bus | The Big Blue Bus Tour

When I wake up somewhere other than the bus, I feel like I’m cheating on the bus. Currently we are staying at theView full post »

The Arena | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*Miss B with her friend Sam. We lived with Sam’s family for a week in Houston. *Sam-a-lam and his friend Tessa.View full post »

Christmas Adam | The Big Blue Bus Tour

Its the morning before Christmas Eve. My kids call it “Christmas Adam”. We’re tucked away with friendsView full post »

8 Month Anniversary – Gastric Bypass | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*iPhone pic from my 6 month mark Yesterday was 8 months since I had gastric bypass surgery. I wrote about the decisionView full post »

Tender Mercies | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*Great Grandpa’s house in Yuma. I recently read an article that referred to all the small miracles the Lord worksView full post »

Good Morning | The Big Blue Bus Tour

*Family picture thanks to Blue Lily! Good morning! We’re waking up in Arizona this morning. It’s our 13thView full post »