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after. our bus rocks.

We did it! As of today, our 1997 Blue Bird school bus is finished. And I’m in love. We’ve owned the bus justView full post »

through the window of the bus

We are officially in the middle of nowhere. Thousands of miles of vast wilderness are hidden up here on the AlaskaView full post »

a little romance on The Big Blue Bus

*A big thank you for all your comments! We love reading them! It’s the perfect treat to log on and read anView full post »

long days

It’s Tuesday and Sam and I are lying in the back of the bus. It’s been a long day. I’m done with the endless driveView full post »

a day on the bus

Our days on the bus have become fairly predictable and we’re establishing routines and systems that work for us. WeView full post »

the wheels on the bus

I’ve moved to the back of the bus. It’s 7:47pm and the sun is on it’s way down. We’ve been in Canada since noonView full post »

sleeping among giants

The time leading up to our departure from Tampa was a whirlwind. Five weeks to pack up our life, prepare to move into aView full post »

a day off

I lost a day yesterday. I spent the entire 500 miles sleeping. Sore throat, earache, and throbbing head knocked me outView full post »

life on the bus

Are you curious about life on a bus? We don’t have too much experience yet, as we’ve only been on the bus for threeView full post »


We’ve made it to Tennessee! It’s 6pm and the sun is setting. Gosh I adore this time of day when the sun is on itsView full post »

on our way!

Our adventure has begun. Though I suppose an argument could be made that our adventure began when we first conceived ofView full post »


I’ve spent quite a bit of time the last couple weeks huddled over graph paper with a ruler and a pencil. We’View full post »


Writers block. I’ve been struggling a bit with writing the last few weeks. There are half a dozen unfinished postsView full post »

morning swim

Our adventure got off to a rocky start earlier this week. The beach house we had reserved for 18 nights turned out to beView full post »

the backstory | our adventure begins

*The Waldo Express will shortly be removed from the side of the bus. We need to put our own mark on our Big Blue Bus!View full post »

real intent

I’ve been writing on our family blog for over 5 years, I started writing more than a year before Miss B was born.View full post »

no other choice

Two weeks ago today Jake came up with the plan for our bus tour. A lot can happen in two weeks. Our house is almostView full post »


This 3 hour workshop is a part of The Big Blue Bus Tour! How this class came to be: Teaching photography is my passion!View full post »

perfectly adorable + packing

I’m moving my journaling of The Big Blue Bus Tour over here to Simply b Photos. I hope you check back to see howView full post »

finding our objective

The other day I got a little overwhelmed about our adventure. I couldn’t specify what exactly was causing meView full post »

jacob’s home. and he made a decision.

Jacob’s home! We’ve spent a great day together. He had a ton of stories to tell us, and a pack of stinkyView full post »

blink of an eye

Another day down, and as I sit down to type, I’m humbled. Today I launched the big blue bus tour on Simply b PhotoView full post »

Big Blue Bus Tour

What is the Big Blue Bus Tour? See pictures of our bus here. See a video of our family on the bus here. Find answers toView full post »

this… and that

*Still don’t know if Jacob will be with us yet or not. So this might end up saying 3 kids… I’ve spentView full post »

dear jacob

First, I’d like to say that I don’t think it’s fair to ask a mother to go an entire month withoutView full post »

he’s the idea guy

I have much to say. First, we heard from the Coast Guard. They have granted Jake’s separation request. The lastView full post »

Josh and Kristen

What a wonderful newborn session this was! We caught some beautiful images of the family together, playing and enjoyingView full post »

Baby Merrick

I always feel honored when I’m invited into a home to photograph a family and their newborn. I used to shootView full post »

{52 Dresses} Week 38 | EmmiLee Designs Giveaway

The Skinny on Year Two of {52 Dresses}: Make sure to check out {52 Dresses} Year One and the current {52 Dresses}! I&#View full post »

Photoshop Tutorials

You may know that I teach workshops on how to use your camera. I’ve been teaching for almost 3 years and it’View full post »

Jen and Dale

I’ve met some of the most wonderful families since moving to Florida! This sunset session is one of my favorites!View full post »

Oregon Sunset Session

I had the opportunity to travel to Klamath Falls, Oregon to teach a Day With Amy: Photography Workshop as well as a DayView full post »

Oregon Sunrise Session

I had the opportunity to travel to Klamath Falls, Oregon to teach a Day With Amy: Photography Workshop as well as a DayView full post »

Oregon Ducks

I just LOVE Camille! I’ve known her for years – since we both lived in Anchorage, Alaska (circa 2005). TheyView full post »


Marcus is such a great kid! He’s an incredible athlete and played both baseball and football for his high school.View full post »

Sarah and RJ

We had the best time at this session! I love when grandparents come, it adds such a great dimension to the images! IView full post »