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{52 Dressses} Week 7 | {SIG}nature Creations Giveaway

Congratulations Lisa C! You are the winner of the $25 Gift Certificate from {SIG}nature Designs! In case you missed it,View full post »

{52 Dresses} Week 6 | Maggie Bogart GIVEAWAY

CONGRATULATIONS Chris Simms! You are the winner of the {52 Dresses} Week 6 Maggie Bogart/Blissful Creations Giveaway! IView full post »

Dennis and Lori

I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Orlando last week to take pictures of this wonderful family. They wereView full post »

{52 Dresses} Week 5 | Simplicity Couture Giveaway!

CONGRATULATIONS IVEY S! You won this adorable dress from Simplicity Couture! In case you missed it, you should catch theView full post »

Welcome Baby Cate!

I love this family! We met while we were both living in Kodiak, Alaska. Becca is a fellow photographer (she’s veryView full post »

{52 Dresses} Week 4 | Plain Jane Giveaway

CONGRATULATIONS ALLISON STREETER! You won the size 12 month dress! CONGRATULATIONS ROSEMARY LING! You won the size 2tView full post »

{52 Dresses} Week 3 | Bownanas GIVEAWAY!

CONGRATULATIONS MEGAN LOVE! YOU WON!! In case you missed it, you should catch the recap of {52 Dresses} Year One. TheView full post »

{52 Dresses} Week 2 | Matilda Jane GIVEAWAY!

CONGRATULATIONS KRISTIN C! Hope you enjoy the dress! In case you missed it, you should catch the recap of {52 Dresses}View full post »

{52 Dresses} Week 1 | Fun4Me2 Giveaway!

CONGRATULATIONS BECKY O.!! You won a $25 gift certificate for Fun4Me2! In case you missed it, you should catch the recapView full post »

{52 Dresses}

After 13 years of raising sons, I never thought I’d have a daughter. I was a mother to 3 boys and I loved it! LifeView full post »

Clearwater Beach, Florida

My family is so happy to be here in Florida! We are adjusting beautifully and looking forward to all the new adventuresView full post »

Nothing less than beautiful.

My sister (Tammy Smith Photography) has started offering a new type of photography session. It’s called CaptivateView full post »

Little Bitty Toys

My sister owns Little Bitty Toys. She sent me her whole line-up to photograph and then pass on to Miss B and Sam-a-lam.View full post »

Laila | 6 months

Oh how I love six month olds!! I love how their faces are so expressive and their personalities are so unique! Laila isView full post »

Paisley and Henry

I’m going to really miss this family when we move. It’s been almost two years since I took Paisley’sView full post »


Rachel from Fondant Flinger did it again! Here’s some pictures of a beautiful table she did yesterday for aView full post »

Snow Day

The other day I was sorting through thousands of images in preparation for teaching the new A Day with Amy: PhotographyView full post »

Understanding Shutter Speed

Interested in learning more about how to Move to Manual? Check out A Day With Amy: Photography Workshop | ONLINE where IView full post »

Amanda and Brady

During our recent trip to California, I got to do a video/image session with my sister and her family. It was such aView full post »

2000 Fans Giveaway

Thank you so much to everyone who entered! You can see the winners here! I love Facebook. Perhaps a little too much. ItView full post »

Playful Princesses

In a final last minute decision in a series of last minute decisions (which culminated in our trip to Disneyland), IView full post »

Little Bitty Toys

I come from an incredibly talented family. We get it from my mom. She is the epitome of do it yourself. From tearingView full post »

Move to Manual: Finding Great Light

Interested in learning more about how to Move to Manual? Check out A Day With Amy: Photography Workshop | ONLINE where IView full post »

The Happiest Place on Earth

In a spur of the moment decision on New Year’s Day, my husband and I decided we should take the family toView full post »

Day With Amy Photography Workbook

Are you a mom who wants to capture better images of your child? Did you buy a new camera just for that purpose but areView full post »

Day With Amy: Photoshop Elements GIVEAWAY!

I decided to draw THREE winners rather than just two! Congratulations Sarah B., Alexandra Turner, and Rachel Garner!!View full post »

Kimberly and Katelyn

Still working on all those big changes around here. New website, logo, photography style, Photoshop Elements classes (View full post »


I have had the privilege to photograph Cooper’s family since the very beginning of Simply b. Cooper’s olderView full post »

Owl First Birthday Party | Fondant Flinger

I’m always tickled when Rachel of Fondant Flinger fame contacts me about capturing some images of her newestView full post »

Capturing Moments

One of the topics I discuss in the Day With Amy Photography Workshop is capturing moments and telling your story throughView full post »

Birdie | 5 weeks

BIG changes going on here at Simply b. The official reveal probably won’t happen till March, and that’sView full post »

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmastime. Can’t you just feel it? Merry Christmas from our family to yours! This year we decidedView full post »

Daisy and Dustin

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph these kiddos a couple times and they are the greatest. Their mom is awesomeView full post »


Even though I spent hours producing this movie and I’ve seen it a gazillion times, I still get teary when I watchView full post »

Sweet Home Alabama

I love this family, they are like family to us. When it’s time to leave next summer, we are going to miss themView full post »

Laila | 3 Months

Do you recognize this little darling? No? She was in my studio 3 months ago for her newborn debut. She is getting so bigView full post »